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Monday, 29 May 2017

Tatted Ice drop snowflake and Ice drops

Its a bank holiday in the UK this weekend,  and as usual the weather is not playing ball with storms although the sun has been shinning on and off,  just about right after a beautiful week hot week.
Today I have some Ice drops for you  above it a snowflake ice drop I tatted this is Sea Island Citrus and white with a pale blue gem in the middle,  I was using up the thread on the shuttles from the mat I finished.  The pattern is January reflections by Lenore English.   I had to do an extra ring because my gem is slightly bigger but I don't think it makes any difference to the over all snowflake.   The back of the gem is the usual ice drop pattern and then I work the snowflake pattern which fitted in perfectly.

This Ice drop is tatted in Green Coral sea thread, with a green gem, again I had to do an extra ring to fit the gem,  The pattern is Spring Garden  Ice Drop By Diane link to her blog.  

This Ice drop I found I had not posted so here it is,  It was tatted in Carousel thread with a clear gem and very pale green beads,  the pattern is called Root Beer Fudge Ice drop again by Diane.

All the above were tatted in Lizbeth thread no 20.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Bristol Parchment Show 2017

Last Sunday Vernon and I went to the Parchment show in Bristol,  it was a lovely day,  unfortunately the parking for the show was so far away and a lot of walking, which for me spoilt the day as I ended up in total agony.
The show its self was smaller I am sure than other years, but the standard of work was wonderful,  I am totally inspired when I visit this show.  Two of my favorite designers were not there which was a pity but I can understand why when the cost of a table, accommodation, parking etc is enormous.  Anyway here are some pictures of the day which I will leave with you for you to enjoy.

 When Vernon saw the Bra and panties he thought I could make my next set in parchment  instead of buying them,  I don't think so...............





I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoyed the pictures of the show,  

Sunday, 21 May 2017

CD Sunday Challenge - Say it with flowers

We are back again with another challenge this time is Pamela's choice and this fortnight its Say it with flowers.
To me I had one image in my mind when I saw the challenge and that is an image from Popcorn the Bear CD,   I love his sunflowers being carried ready to give.   I also used the backing paper which went with the image,  matted the image onto pale yellow card to bring out the dark yellow flowers and then placed it on a darker yellow card,  adding a cream ribbon and bow down the side and finished off with corner peel offs.
 I hope you will visit the CD Sunday Challenge site, and remember if you want to enter the challenge you must use something from a CD no matter how small and let us know which CD you used.  Here is a link to CD Sunday Challenge blog  we would be pleased to see you.
I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

My new tatting project


Well the sun is shining,  and at long last we had some proper rain during the night,  the last couple of days we have had a few showers but nothing to really water the garden,  I am sure my shrubs enjoyed the rain,  I hope this is not a sign that it will continue to rain every day,   In the UK once it starts raining it does not know when to stop.
Here is my latest tatting project,  I'm using lizbeth white no 20,  I said when I finished the mat I would start this so here it is,   I will not post a picture too often but I will show you for time to time how it is going.  I also have done some more ice drops but I will leave them for another post.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend

Sunday, 7 May 2017

CD Sunday Challenge - Anything Asian

Here we are again with another challenge,  the fortnights do go quickly,  this time its Jane's choice, Jane is our newest member and this is her first challenge with us,
She chose Anything Asian,   well elephants sprang to mind and what else but a card with elephants on,  well it sort of went a bit further and grew into a card the shape of an elephant.   Four drawings and three pieces of card later and here is the final card.   The backing paper came from the Joanna Sheens Royal Horticultural Society CD.   I made the ear separately and covered it with another piece of paper before placing it on the elephant,  Asian Elephants have smaller ears than the African.
 The coat over her back is two pieces of felt the top one is embroidered with tiny flowers and the sequins are sewn on then the two pieces are sewn together before glueing on the back of her.  before adding an eye and peel offs to finish off and adding a silver bow on her trunk.
I hope you will visit the CD Sunday Challenge site, and remember if you want to enter the challenge you must use something from a CD no matter how small and let us know which CD you used.  Here is a link to CD Sunday Challenge blog  we would be pleased to see you.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend

Monday, 1 May 2017

1st May - Lilly of the Valley


Today the 1st of May and my Lilly of the valley is in flower,   here is some I picked straight from the garden when I got back from Sheffield on Saturday.  The news from Sheffield was not good and its another set of injections in my eye over the next few months.
Over the last few years I have not had any Lilly of the Valley until later in the month but this year its on time and out in flower.
Its a bank holiday in the UK today,  so have a lovely day, hopefully the sun might shine.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

East Somerset Railway,

Last Sunday we went to have a meal on the East Somerset Railway, at Cranmore in Somerset,    It was a lovely day and here is just a few pictures of the day.  
Above the beginning of the railway at the end of the platform,  it does not go very far so here's the start.
Here is another picture of the platform with my husband standing looking at the telephone box.  Below is another picture of something rare but years ago it was a must to keep in touch, today its all about mobile phones, sadly these have gone.On the other side of the box was a place to buy postage stamps only I missed taking a photo of it.

 This is a picture of a poster of the brief history of the railway.
Years ago this line ran to Shepton Mallet and onto to Wells,
Ruth who was with us remembers catching the train to Shepton and going to school,  it brought back a lot of memories for her.

 This is the Victorian Gents toilets,  I did not go inside,  the building is made of cast iron

 Here comes the train,   the line is only about 2 miles long,  
Each course of the meal was served as we traveled up and down the line.
It was  definitely the age of steam day, with all the smells of steam to go with it.

Below is the signal box

 This picture did not come out very well, as there is a lot of reflection but it was our tables set ready for our meal

Here we go,  this is the view of the train as we go up the line,  there was not a lot to take a picture of just fields and then into a cutting.  so this was the best that came out

This is Dee Vernon's sister and our friends Ruth and Mervyn

And just in case you want to see us,  This is my husband Vernon and Me,

 Here we are at the other end of the line at the Mendip Vale Station,  as I say we went up and down while eating our meal,  

Here is the our train guard,  the guard took him for a walk every time we reached the end of the line and then at the beginning,  Hes only two,  friendly and likes to be made a fuss of.

We had a great day,  its well worth a visit but if you want a meal they have to be booked up in advance.